Design features

More than authentic looking decors

Pergo laminate floors are available in four different formats: from long planks that create a modern, spacious ambience, to wide slabs. Several floors have bevelled edges to enhance the feeling of wooden planks or genuine ceramic tiles. 

The different formats allow you to transform the feeling of the entire room. Make it wider, narrower, longer, darker or lighter – the options are endless! From long planks that create a modern, spacious ambience, to planks in two different widths, as well as slabs.

Long plank - 2050 x 205 mm

Classic plank - 1200 x 190 mm

Slab - 1224 x 408 mm

Pergo Bevel Surface

bevels and surfaces

To enhance the feeling of wooden planks or genuine ceramic tiles, many of our floors feature bevelled edges. And with seven different surface textures and four different gloss levels, Pergo laminate floors also feel as authentic as they look.

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Find floors with Bevels:

Endless Plank, 2-way bevel

Natural Variation, 4-way bevel

Long plank, 4-way bevel

Slab, 4-way bevel

Sensation - modern plank

Laminate like you’ve never seen it before

The new Pergo Sensation collection is nothing short of a revolution. AquaSafe technology makes our new floors water-resistant and ideal for kitchens and other wet areas. Unique surface textures with deeper structure provides a natural feel you won’t find in other laminate floors. 

The authentic designs are also supported by new matt surface, and decors that go all the way into the bevels.

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Pergo endless Plank

Endless plank™

The floor that goes on forever

Pergo EndlessPlank™ is a floor that creates the illusion of a never-ending plank. All decors match perfectly at the end of each plank, forming a continuous design flow that stretches from one wall to the other. Our brand new cracked oak design is a great example of how Pergo EndlessPlank™ adds character to a room.

The impressive rustic country style, with realistic cracks and grooves, brings the endless effect to life, creating a truly unique floor experience. The floor that lasts forever, now goes on forever too.

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Pergo Natural Variation

Natural Variation™

Personality is included

Our innovative and patented feature Natural Variation™ has added a whole new dimension to laminate floor design. Thanks to a special technique that randomly gives each plank a chalked, and naturally rustic look, hundreds of different variations are created. 

The result is an unbeatable and very unique combination. The naturally distinct character of wood, but with all the advantages of a laminate floor.

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