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Three alluring wood collections

Different people take different approaches to finding the floor of their dreams. Some want a specific wood species, others begin with the colour, or even the plank format.

To make choosing a floor easier, we’ve put together three alluring wood collections based on plank format, thickness and bevels. Within each collection you will find beautiful designs with a variety of surface features and treatment. And no matter which floor you choose, you will always get a beautiful, durable and vibrant wood floor from Pergo. 

How plank design affects a room’s impression
Pergo wood parquet floors come in a variety of plank designs to suit every taste and intent. Installing one of our block designs, for example, can help a smaller room to appear larger. A large room can be transformed into a grand room with one of our wide, long plank designs.

No matter which style you prefer, or which approach you take, you’ll find a wood floor that is as beautiful and durable as you dream it will be.

Plank design
2400 x 260 x 14 mm

Plank design
2200 x 220 x 14 mm

Plank design
1820 x 190 x 12,5 mm