Wood Parquet


Keeping your floor beautiful

A Pergo wood parquet floor brings natural beauty to any room. Making that beauty last longer is easy with the proper care, cleaning and maintenance products. We recommend weekly cleaning of all Pergo wood parquet floors using Pergo cleaning products.

Maintenance guide

> Vacuum gently

Wood installation instruction

After installation, vacuum using a vacuum head with soft edges.

> Regular maintenance

Wood installation instruction

Dry mop, vacuum and sweep the floor to remove dirt and dust. Wipe the floor with hand warm water containing one or two “bottle caps” of Pergo all-round cleaner and using Pergo micro fiber mop. The daily cleaning should follow the instructions on the Pergo website. The use of inappropriate cleaning products might damage the flooring surface!

> Castor-wheel protection

Wood installation instruction

Castor chairs must have castors of the so called “Soft wheels”, and a plastic protector mat should be placed under the area where the chair is placed.

> Protect against scratches

Wood installation instruction

All furniture legs should be protected by felt pads to avoid scratching the finished surface. Avoid sliding heavy furniture etc. over the Pergo wood floor to avoid possible scratching. Lifting the furniture is recommended. Always place a quality door mat at any entrance door to avoid introduction of sand and dirt which might create scratches.