Wood Parquet

Wood structures and finishes

Enhancing natural beauty

The natural appearance of a wood floor can be further heightened through various types of surface treatment. At Pergo we use structure enhancing techniques like brushing and saw cuts to accentuate various characteristics and enhance the look and feel of the wood. And to ensure you may enjoy your floors for many years to come, our wood parquet flooring is given a protective and caring surface finish.

Choose between oil and lacquer
Different finishes bring out different qualities in the wood and contribute to the floor’s distinct look. All our floors are ready for use right out of the box, meaning no extra surface treatment is necessary upon installation. Choose between various lacquer and oil finishes, all of which meet strict international emission norms ensuring respect for the environment.

Bevelled edges
For that truly authentic wood floor feeling, try a plank design featuring bevelled edges. You’ll find wood floors with bevels along all four edges, or just the two long edges. For a smooth, even floor, choose a plank design with no bevelled edges.


Wood structure brushed

Brushing the surface of a wood plank
accentuates the natural grain structure,
and enhances the authentic look and
feel of the wood.

Wood structure deep brushed

Deep brushed
The wood surface is treated with special
brushes, brushing down the soft parts
between the annual rings. Deep brushing
enhances the natural wood feel even more.

Wood structure saw cuts

Saw cuts
The random marks of a saw cut surface
really show off the craftsmanship and
character of the wood planks, and add
a genuine feeling to the room.

Wood 2-way bevel

2-way bevel

Wood 4-way bevel

4-way bevel