How to deal with pillars or large round forms


How to deal with pillars or large round forms

Laying laminate flooring around a round object, such as a pillar, may seem impossible, but it is actually quite simple if you know what to do.

As always, thorough preparation and well laid underlay are essential. Measure and cut out half the shape of the object in one piece of underlay and the other half in another. Put them in place and cut off any extra pieces. It is important that no two pieces overlap. Tape down the pieces so they lie flat before starting with the planks.

What do you need?

  • Large piece of paper
  • Knife
  • Pencil
  • Jigsaw
  • Elastic silicone



Get a large piece of sturdy paper, such as floor protection paper, and a pencil. Measure and mark the whole shape of the round object on the paper and then cut it out. Make sure it is really flush all the way round, tape it down and then mark on the paper where the last fitted plank lies in relation to the object. This shows you the correct distance to the hole you are going to cut out.

Before removing the paper template, there is a trick you can use to get a finer, more even line to saw along. Put a plank against the round object and draw a line on the outside of the plank. Then move it gradually around the whole object, drawing a new line along each step of the way. The lines you draw will then form a smooth curve on the paper, which is shaped exactly like the round object but is one plank width wider. You will use these markings in the next step.


Click the planks that are to lie around the round object into place and fit another couple of planks beside them for better stability. Based on your markings on the paper, measure where the paper should be placed on the planks and tape it down. Fetch the loose plank again and follow the same procedure as last time when you drew the round line. Lay the plank alongside each of the lines you just drew and draw a line on the other side of the plank. This will form the same smooth curve there, giving you an even line to saw along.


When you have finished drawing, use a jig saw to saw along the line on each of the planks. Then place them back on the floor and fit them together around the round object. You can easily wash away the pencil lines you drew using a cloth. If you like, you can then tidy up by sealing the edges of the hole with silicone.

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