Natural Sawcut Oak, plank

Classic Plank | L0201-01809

Natural Sawcut Oak is a rustic looking laminate floor in classic plank length. This floor features our Genuine™ sawcut texture that creates a realistic wood feeling with saw effects, complemented by a silk matt finish. Our originalExcellence quality level is designed to handle the challenges of everyday life.

#Length#: 1200 mm
Width: 190 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
#SqmPerBox#: 1.596
#NumberOfPlanksPerBox#: 7
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Floor heating (pdf, 194kb)
DOP (pdf, 37kb)
DOP (pdf, 38kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 652kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 261kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 254kb)

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