Chocolate Oak, plank

Long Plank | L0323-01754

Chocolate Oak is a warm natural laminate floor featuring long, 2m planks. The feeling of wooden planks is further enhanced by bevels along all four edges. This floor features our Genuine™ wood texture, a lightly polished structure that follows the wood grain in every detail, complemented by a silk matt finish. Our livingExpression quality level is suitable for all-round domestic use.

#Length#: 2050 mm
Width: 205 mm
Thickness: 9.5 mm
#SqmPerBox#: 2.522
#NumberOfPlanksPerBox#: 6
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Floor heating (pdf, 194kb)
DOP (pdf, 37kb)
DOP (pdf, 38kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 652kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 261kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 254kb)

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