Classic Beige Oak, plank

Long Plank | L0323-03359

Classic Beige Oak is a laminate floor with a look that manages to blend pureness with extravagance. It comes in long, 2m planks with silk matt finish and true-to-nature cracks and knots thanks toto Genuine™ rustic – a surface texture that accentuates details such as cracks, knots and scraped effects. The feeling of wooden planks is further enhanced by bevels along all four edges. Living Expression is a Pergo quality level suitable for all-round domestic use.

#Length#: 2050 mm
Width: 205 mm
Thickness: 9.5 mm
#SqmPerBox#: 2.522
#NumberOfPlanksPerBox#: 6
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Floor heating (pdf, 194kb)
DOP (pdf, 37kb)
DOP (pdf, 38kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 652kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 261kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 254kb)

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