Pergo Laminate Wide Long Plank Sensation

A grand view!

Sensation Wide Long Plank floors add an extra spacious feeling to your room.

Water-resistant laminate floors

With Aquasafe technology Pergo sets the new standard for laminate flooring when it comes to water resistance. AquaSafe allows you to get the durability of a laminate floor in hallways, kitchens and other wet areas. But the ability to withstand water is not the only benefit. A water-resistant floor is equally resistant to dirt and spills.

AquaSafe Laminate

AquaSafe creates a sealed surface – all the way down into the bevels – efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor. As bonus of being water-resistant, the floors are also hygienic and easy to maintain.


The result? Water, dirt, and stains stay on the surface and can be easily wiped off. On top of all this Wide Long plank and Modern plank offer a 10-year wet guarantee.

Looking for a worry-proof floor?

In rooms that will see a splash or two, Pergo AquaSafe sets a new standard for laminate flooring when it comes to water-resistance!



Our laminate floors combine looks and water-resistance. What could be better for letting the kitchen become a part of your living space?

Living room

Living room

Water-resistant also means wine- and sauce-proof. If you spill something in the living room, just wipe it off!

Kids room

Kids' room

Who knows what they’ll get up to? A water-resistant floor in the kid's room is good insurance.

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